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1. Procedures in the Justice System

2. Collective and Mass Litigation in Europe

3. Law and the arab-Israeli conflict : the trials of Palestine

4. Ensuring compliance with international humanitarian law : the EU, France, and Spain

5. Law, economics, and game theory

6. Human rights and public goods : the global new deal

7. Corporate responsibility and human rights : global trends and issues voncerning indigenous peoples

8. Human rights, the rule of law, and development in Africa

9. Recueil des cours : volume 413 (2021).

10. Excess of powers in international commercial arbitration : compliance with the arbitral tribunal’s mandate in a comparative perspective

11. Traité des procédures collectives 3eme edition

12. The new EU data protection regime : setting global standards for the right to personal data protection

13. EU competition law and the digital economy : protecting free and fair competition in an age of technological (R)evolution

14. The public order exeption in international trade, investment, human rights and commercial disputes

15. Reflections on democracy in the European Union

16. Los contratos de crédito inmobiliario : control de transparencia vs control de abusividad

17. The Attribution of Torture in the Private Sphere : an analysis of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Committee against torture

18. Handbook of missing persons

19. Missing Persons : A handbook of research

20. L'arme invisible de la Françafrique : une histoire du franc CFA

21. Atlas des immigrations en France : histoire, mémoire, héritage

22. Culture impériale, 1931-1961 : les colonies au coeur de la République

23. Espace judiciaire civil européen : arrêts de la CJUE et commentaires

24. El Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea : procedimiento y recursos

25. Soziale Nachhaltigkeit im europäischen Wettbewerb : eine Analyse des EU-Vergaberichtlinienreformpakets 2014 und des BVergG 2006